Why I've Decided To Host My Own Photography Workshops

In the modern day world, we rarely have the time to get out and enjoy nature, never mind have the time to learn about the places we photograph and explore. How many of you reading this regularly take the time to stop and just admire the light as it changes before your eyes? It saddens me how many of us are disconnected with the natural world and often we don't appreciate the beautiful places that we have on our doorsteps. I would love to see this change and be able to help many people begin to see nature (and more specifically Scotland), in a new and exciting light.

There are several photography workshops out there today designed to teach you how to use your camera, take better images and shoot iconic locations. Many of these are fantastic and well worth attending but often the price and fear of the unknown can put people off making that booking. I want to remove this barrier and make photography accessible to all, and that's exactly why I've decided to start my own photography workshops and nature tours, here in bonnie Scotland!

Scotland - A photographers paradise!

I started my photography journey at the age of 16, when I got my hands on a very cheap but portable compact camera. Starting with a few snaps here and there (when I remembered to take it out with me), this very quickly developed into a hobby and an incredibly addictive passion. I very quickly learnt that photographing people was not for me but landscape and wildlife photography gave me a real buzz, and once I caught the bug - I was hooked!

These styles of photography very quickly taught me to see the outdoors in a new and exciting light. Taking time out of normal day to day life to witness stunning sunsets and changes in the weather, really helped me de-stress and relax when nothing else could. I've never claimed to be a professional photographer (and may never do so) but one thing I know is that over the years my photos and my ability to read the light has developed into something worth sharing. I have the vision to appreciate the outdoors in all weathers and moods and the drive and determination to learn as much about it as I can.

Photography really changed how I view and perceive the world around me

Not so long ago, photography was viewed as a very prestigious hobby - with gear and money being in the forefront of photography related conversations. With the introduction of social media and smart phones, the world of photography has changed dramatically in recent years. Photography is now accessible to all no matter what your budget or status. I therefore believe our ability to use photography in order to connect with nature and the outdoors, has never been more prominent that it is today. It's therefore time to utilise that.

There is so many amazing things happening all around us at one moment. You can be in the middle of no-where with not a soul near by yet the light changes constantly, the clouds move, wildlife live around you and the land is shaped by the weather fronts that approach from all angles. If we open our eyes and tune into these things, our appreciation for the natural world and photography becomes so much richer.

Tuning into nature and watching weather fronts approaching, can really change how you see the world and open your eyes to the true beauty of nature

Getting onto my workshops then - I want this feeling to be instilled into as many people as possible. I'd love to see more people going out into nature with their cameras in the hope of getting an image but not nessecarily expecting it. I'd love people to be driven to learn more about their subject matter and be able connect with what's in front of them in a new light. A harbour for example isn't just 'a harbour'. It was created and designed by someone and has seen years of hard labour, with many stories to tell. Learning these stories and how they have shaped the harbour that stands before you today, can really enhance how you see that subject and therefore how you go about photographing it.

I'd love people to see this and in order to achieve that, my workshops are available to all, no matter what your photography knowledge or experience. They're about lifting the barrier between gear and expectations and allowing you to feel comfortable with your own images and abilities. Even for those professional photographers out there, I believe that you too can see your subject and the world around you in a whole new light. As creatives, we are changing and adapting all the time. It's how we grow and broaden our horizons.

Allow photography to broaden your horizons

The main aim of my workshops however, is to share the experience with a group of likeminded people. They say sharing a beautiful moment with others is more memorable than on your own, and I believe in this wholeheartedly. Although getting out into nature alone is what spurs many landscape photographers to persure the hobby, meeting those who also enjoy it can really make your passion and drive that little bit brighter. I guess it's all about getting that balance. After all, modern day technology (while great in many respects) has allowed us to detach ourselves from each other like never before. I believe it's time to begin sharing the natural world with others again and bringing people together to do just that, would fill me with much happiness.

And finally...the price?

£50 - for 3.5hrs out in nature, learning photography hints and tips, natural history knowledge about your chosen location, and a chance to share it with likeminded people. It may seem cheap to some but that's my goal at the end of the day - to make photography accessible to all, no matter what your budget or experience.

Like the sound of this?

Well...head over to my workshops page now to book your place. It's time to see Scotland and nature in a new light!


I hope to see you soon!

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