The Best Image I've Taken: Spring 2019

From time to time we take an image that revolutionises how we view the world around us. These images aren't taken very often but when they are, the buzz that we receive as a photographer makes all of our efforts worth while . 

The image that gave me this feeling of euphoria was taken on my Fairy Glen workshop. Surprisingly at the time of the shoot inspiration and moral was low. This feeling however,

added to the excitement I felt when I realised that this image is by far my favourite from 2019 so far! It's incredible that a shoot that I felt hadn't gone as well as it could have, ended up producing such fantastic and memorable results. 

Why do I love this image? Well it seems that many of you share that love. Overnight it's become the most liked photo on my Instagram page to date! The combination of an iconic location, leading line and pre sunset orange glow, makes this image a real winner. 

I would like to take this opportunity to thank all of you who have seen and interacted with this image. Landscape photographers don't take images that we're really happy with that often but when we do, the buzz makes our job 100% worthwhile. 

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