The Benefits of Photographing Seascapes

I recently awoke at 5.30am to head to the famous Bow Fiddle Rock in Portknockie for sunrise. This location is photographed by thousands of people every year and it's not hard to see why!

On this particular morning my motivation levels were low and my creative mind wasn't engaged as much as usual. Despite this, the conditions which presented themselves to me were perfect! I'd unfortunately missed the pre-dawn light by a matter of minutes, but just being on location to witness the sunrising above the horizon, was well worth the early morning alarm call.

Seascapes have always been a favourite of mine when it comes to landscape photography. Growing up on the coast, my first ever images were taken there and my relationship with the sea, cliffs and sandy beaches has grown stronger year by year. It's hard to say as a photographer that I have a favourite thing to shoot (every subject after all allows me to inject my creative mind and learn something new) but if I HAD to pick one - it would be seascapes.

Burghead Harbour at Sunset - One of my favourite seascapes from years gone by

I felt the need to sit down and write this blog post because what I learnt from my morning at Bow Fiddle was, despite my mood and lack of enthusiasm that morning, I still came away with a memorable experience. In fact, I would go as far as to say that this trip taught me more about seascape photography than may which had come before it.

You see, it wasn't nescessarly the location or the photography that struck me, it was the sights and sounds that greeted me on arrival. It was a stunning clear morning. The sky was infused with several shades of pinks and purples. There was an array of seabirds waking up and calling out loudly, bringing the scene before me to life.

Landscape photography isn't all about the images we go home with and share - its about the experience we have when out in the field. The excitement, the disappointment, the uncertainly and the ability to create art around this. Seascapes open up so many oppertunities to experience so much more than just an image. We can truly feel the force of nature and a real connection with the land we find ourselves on.

If it's stormy you can feel truly alive, immersing yourself in the wind and chaos. If it's calm you feel at peace and in awe with the beauty that surrounds you at that particular moment. You can admire the hundreds of birds that fill the skies and cliff tops and smell the fresh sea air, allowing you to feel truly connected with nature.

So...thats the beauty of seascape photography. It's an experience that keeps on giving! Next time you're out there, feel it for yourself. Take a step back - listen, watch and smell the coastal world that surrounds you. It's a true privilege to experience and one that will always keep on giving,

Love your coast <3

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