Photographing Scotland's Lighthouses

Scotland is home to 206 lighthouses - from the rugged mainland to the many islands that surround it. I've always felt a really deep connection with our lighthouses and I'd love to make it my mission to photograph as many of them as possible.

Growing up, I spent a lot of time admiring Tarbat Ness Lighthouse blinking back at me from the other side of the Moray Firth. I found it very soothing, admiring the light twinkling on the sea as day turned into night. I also saw it as a symbol of hope - this idea that no matter what I was going through, there was something out there watching over me and lighting the way.

I remember the first time I watched the film 'The Great Gatsby' and Gatsby himself would overlook the water to see this light blinking back at him from the other side. For him this light symbolised love, but the feeling of connection and hope still remains the same in both instances. It therefore goes without saying that this film is now one of my

all time favourites.

This feeling of hope and guidance truly depicts the reality of our lighthouses though, as before radar they kept our sea baring friends safe and away from harms way. Even now, should you ships navigation fail, there is the lights out there guiding those at sea back to safety.

These man-made objects have saved and preserved many lives over the years and they are also very photogenic. The connection I developed for them as a teenager and the passion I hold for landscape photography got me thinking...why don't I attempt to photograph as many of Scotland's lighthouses as I can? I mean they must all have a story to tell and the adventure of seeing and connecting with them all is one that fills me with great excitement!

I currently have seen and photographed only 10 of these stunning structures but my journey has only just began. It may take me a lifetime to complete this challenge but I am excited to see where this photographic journey will take me. After all life is a journey of self discovery and this is something that should not be rushed. It's time to capture these structures in all weathers and moods and reconnect with the heritage that connects the Scottish coastal communities.

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