How YouTube Changed My Life

Updated: Jan 6, 2019

Living in the modern day world, we are never far away from the internet and many of us rely on it so heavily, that we probably couldn't live without it. YouTube is a massive part of that cyber world and to me was always viewed as somewhere to watch people doing crazy things or funny cat videos to lighten up my day, but I then discovered that it's also a fantastic platform to create a future.

After watching years of silly videos and teenagers playing pranks on their families, I began to discover a different side of Youtube - a side full of discovery and adventure! I discovered creators like Thomas Heaton, who held the same passion for nature and photography that I did. People who were using this platform as a way of showcasing the outdoors and sending positive messages to people about a part of the world which so many of us are no longer connected to - the natural world.

Thomas Heaton - One of the YouTube creators who inspired me to start

I felt compelled to do something similar myself. I have always been outdoorsy and I am never happier than when I'm travelling around Scotland, exploring it's hidden gems and photographing it along the way. Being incredibly shy growing up, the thought of filming myself and then posting my adventures online for all to see, absolutely terrified me! Despite this, the idea never left my mind.

One day the desire to create videos became so intense that I could no longer ignore it! I sent myself a date and told myself that in June of 2017, I would create my own channel and start sharing my love for photography, nature and Scotland with the world. Back then, never did I think that it would change my life as much as it has.

My First Ever Video

I created my channel expecting maybe a couple hundred people to watch my videos (many of whom would be friends and family). Initially this was the case but after a few months, my subscribers began to grow steadily and the people who I had admired for so many years, began to watch my videos and share them with their own audiences. I will never forget the excitement I felt when Thomas Heaton himself mentioned me in one of his videos - how was this possible!?

Since these experiences, I've come to learn that YouTube is a huge community. Not only is it a platform to showcase your videos and passions, it's a way of meeting and sharing your life with many who also share the same interests that you do. Back in November 2017, I discovered a new YouTube photographer - Matthew Storer. I found his content so positive and refreshing (a new style of vlogging that gripped my attention from the word go).. I therefore couldn't contain my excitement when he emailed me a few weeks later saying that he was coming to Scotland and wanted to shoot with me! We were both massive fans of each others work and to then come together in person and share that passion, it was an unforgettable day to say the least!

Filming With Matthew Storer In Glen Affric

Moving forward a year and I am still loving the YouTube world immensely. It is so different to my previous life (where I worked as a nurse in a busy hospital setting) and it gives me so much satisafaction. Many life changing experiences have also come from it. In 2018 I shot a pilot programme with BBC Scotland (sadly I won't be partaking in the real show but what an experience it was and one which I never thought possible!). My videos have been recognised by many companies and my name is slowly growing. I must stress that this was NEVER my intention when I started the YouTube journey. I intended to create inspiring content with the hope that it would bring positivity and excitement into people's lives. It was a passion and hobby - that was all! I do however feel immensely grateful that a year and a half later, I've achieved my initial goal and now in 2019, I am creating my own business around my channel!

Creating A Business Around My YouTube Channel

I guess the message I want to convey here is that, if you have something in your life that won't leave your mind - an idea, goal, career change...anything at all - DO IT! You will never know what will come from it unless you give it a go. Sure, it is scary and can seem like a big risk but there is a reason why it won't leave your mind - it could change your life....

YouTube sure has changed mine!

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