Creative Twilight Photography | How Did I Shoot This Image?

The darker evenings have arrived and it's time to get out and get creative with your photography.

I recently made a trip to the countryside in an effort to make the most of the twilight light that is so much more prevalent at this time of year. The creative opportunities that present themselves to you once the summer comes to an end and autumn begins to arrive are endless. If you're a creative photographer like me, you will absolutely love this time of year!

Enjoying the twilight in the autumn months is a fantastic way to reconnect with nature but it's also a fantastic way to get experimental with your photography. This trip to the countryside is a great example of how using your surroundings and what you have on you can create images that are both exciting and unusual.

It saw me using my bike as well as the hay bales that are very prevalent in the fields at this time of year, to create something that little bit different. While waiting for twilight to arrive I scouted out the fields around me to try and find a composition with the hay bales that would work in an interesting fashion when the light was at its optimum. I came across three hay bales positioned very symmetrically together. I came up with the idea of using the two bales furthest from me to prop up our bikes and the nearest bale as an opportunity to stand and sit on. I shot a few test shots to see how the composition would work and then waited patently for the light to dip as night began to fall.

When twilight arrived, I switched the bike lights on and shot a few images with the lights facing into the centre of the frame. While this illuminated some of the scene, it didn't have the desired effect that I had envisaged. This is when I decided to move the bikes and have the lights facing directly towards the middle bale. By doing this I was able to create a silhouette of the bales and us, with the bright lights adding some mystery to the images. The final result is one that I am very proud of and shows how getting creative with twilight can make for some stunning, unique and memorable images.

Settings: F11, Shutter Speed 30 seconds, ISO 100

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